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Introducing the Double D Sled 'n Sling


The simplest way to move a downed cow.


The patented Double D Sled 'n Sling is a 6-foot by 8-foot solid rubber sheet that is a half-inch thick. It has a lifting bar and chain loops on each end. Move a downed cow by rolling the animal onto the rubber sling, and either pull the sling out of the area as a sled or lift it up as a sling using a skid-steer loader.  We recommend putting a halter on the cow to secure their head to their hock so they can't flop their head and injure their eye, ear or jaw.


An interview with Dee Griffin DVM, University of Nebraska - Lincoln, Great Plains Veterinary Educational Center

Why did you come to Dale Goetz to create a solution for non-ambulatory cattle in the sale yard?

When different options for design were being considered it struck me I should ask private industry to solve the problem of transporting non-ambulatory cattle. We were using Double D Mats at EVERY feedyard in which I worked and knew it was a family based business and in the words of a famous Nebraskan, Larry the Cable Guy, the Goetz folks were “get it done” problem-solving folks.

What do you like best about the design?

It is provides the flexibility to both humanely slide or carry at non-ambulatory or injured cattle. Additionally, it is light enough to be easily positioned and provides tie down areas so that an animal can be moved without worry of additional injury occurring during transport should the cattle become excited and attempt leave the mat sling.

How often have you used your Sled 'n Sling?

How often it is used is not the issue, it’s like an insurance policy ... when you need it you have to have it.

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